Giant Blocks Mini Blocks
Giant Edublocks Mini Edublocks


Edublocks building bricks offer fantastic play value as they are very soft but also very strong and durable. They are now available in two sizes, the mini blocks being perfect for situations where there is limited space. They share the key features, which are:

  • You can build substantial play features with them.
  • The bright colours and recognisable shape stimulates interactive play.
  • Their robustness means they are not easy to break.
  • Their softness makes them very safe to play with.
  • They are great for team building and group play.
  • They are very reasonably priced.
  • It is suitable for any of the following locations:

Indoor and outdoor play attractions,
Playgroups, nurseries, holiday and afterschool clubs,
Retail centres wanting entertain children,
Anywhere wanting to keep children occupied,
At home!

Giant Blocks Mini Blocks
Giant Edublocks Mini Edublocks


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