Edublocks are giant building bricks suitable for a wide age range of children that are safe, durable, strong, colourful and non-toxic.
Edublocks large size and resilient construction makes them perfect for any leisure attraction or educational establishment as an additional fun play activity. They are great for anywhere that is looking to keep children entertained, and they even keep adults occupied as well!

The key features of Edublocks are:

  • Its large size makes it ideal to build substantial play features
  • The bright colours and recognisable shape stimulates kids to play
  • Its strength and durability means it will last a long time
  • Its softness ensures it is played with safely
  • Its interlocking design makes it possible to build a wide range of structures
  • It is ideal for group activities and for team building exercises
  • It can be washed to keep it looking in good condition
  • It can keep children entertained for long periods
  • Helps in a child's physical and educational development
  • It is very reasonably priced
  • It is suitable for any of the following locations:

Indoor play areas,
Farm Attractions and Zoos,
Leisure centers,
Playgroups and nurseries,
Holiday and after school clubs,
Retail outlets looking to keep children entertained,
At Home!

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